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Dating Ideas

At Canoodle, there are thousands of people waiting for you to get in touch and maybe meet for a date. But sometimes it’s hard to find something original to do. To get you started, we’ve given you a few ideas below. See what you think...

Free dates

There’s nothing wrong with doing something on your first date that costs nothing or next to nothing. Your date will appreciate the extra thought all the same. Here are some excellent free first dates:

Picnic by the lake - if you don’t live near a lake then a park is just as romantic. This date is a really easy, cheap way of getting to know your date better because the only means of entertainment is conversation, so make sure you have a list of topics planned in your head. It is best to keep things light on your first date so avoid subjects such as ex boyfriends and family history instead talk about work, life ambitions and all the things you're both interested in.

A Walk in the Country - this again is a free first date and an excellent one at that. You can walk wherever you wish and like the picnic you can talk about whatever you like and if you get hungry why not offer to buy her/him lunch as a surprise.

Take Me To The Beach – if the weather permits (and you live near the coast!) why not go to the beach. You can sunbathe, chat, frolic in the sea, walk hand in hand in the surf and if you're lucky you might to get to rub sun cream on each other. At the very worst you get to see a bit more of each other, so to speak.

Go shopping - We don’t mean go shopping and spend your savings on things you don’t need. Instead, walk round the shops and look in the windows. Window shopping is an excellent date as you can chat about subjects like fashion and money which you might not necessarily get to talk about if you went to somewhere like the movies. It's also the perfect chance to get ideas for gifts in the future if the relationship develops.

Go to a concert - why not indulge in a bit of music? Take her to see a free concert in a park or other venue. It's free, it gives you the chance to talk about each other's musical interests and talents and also means yo

Low cost dates

Here are some great ides of fun and interesting things to do on your first date that won't leave your bank manager pulling their hair out:

Go to a movie - everyone likes the movies and this is an extremely popular first date choice. Although it doesn’t allow much time for actual conversation it will give you something to talk about later on and is a good way to spend time together. Be careful though, if you have made yourself out to be a daredevil then suggesting the movies may not be the best idea.

Take them to lunch - lunch is a great way to get to know someone and you’ll earn extra brownie points if you insist on paying. During lunch you get time to talk and you can get to know each other's eating habits and a bit more about what he/she does with their day.

Go to a comedy club – these are always good for breaking the ice and getting you both laughing, and you can chat and have a drink in between the laughs.