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Using Canoodle – Tips on using the site

Make sure you read and use the following tip, as they'll make all the difference to your success in using this online dating service and finding your date or ideal partner. Trust us. We've been doing this for a while!

Try to be the one who makes the first move! Do not just sit and wait for other members to send you a message. Making the first move will show you are proactive and will improve your chances considerably. Always try to reply promptly to emails you have received…don’t worry about looking too keen, replying promptly shows good manners.
Make sure you have a photo displayed with your profile. Many members will only respond to profiles with photos. When choosing your main photo, a good clear 'head and shoulders' shot that shows you looking happy. It will make all the difference!
You can upload your photo directly from the site or you can post us your photo and we will scan and add your photo for you for FREE!

Try to use good English! Many people are discouraged when words aren't spelt things correctly in your emails, or sentences aren't structured to make proper sense. With a little more care, and a dictionary now and again, your messages can have so much more bite and elegance!
Don't send out hundreds of blanket emails. And write something INTERESTING! Don't just email saying 'Hi you look nice, wanna date?!?' - it'll get you nowhere! Send out a few at first and if you don't get any response take another look at what you are sending out and what you have written on your profile - do a rewrite if necessary.

Got the idea?.... now the rest is up to you.... Good Luck!

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